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Permanent Makeup, Microblading 3D Eyebrows

Microbladed/3D  Eyebrows

What is Microblading:  Microblading is the latest technique in Eyebrow Tattoing.

This is when very tiny micro eyebrow strokes are placed delicately into the skin using a tool called a Microblade. These strokes are so fine and crisp that they actually resemble eyebrow hairs! The realistic appearance of microblading makes it the prefect technique for those who want a natural looking brow.  It is semi-permanent and will last 10-12 months with a retouch 3 weeks after the initial appointment. The service takes two hours. We recommend taking pain medication for maximum comfort. Healing takes about a week.. Keeping the area clean and dry of water are the most important aspects of healing. No swimming, excessive sweating, sunbathing, or picking at your eyebrows during this healing period.  


Block Tattoo Eyebrows done with a tattoo gun resembles a filled in solid block look


Permanent Eyeliner


After Care Instructions

Permanent Makeup Consultation: $50
(waived if service booked with non-refundable deposit)

Microbladed Eyebrows: starts at $399-$450
Nanoblading eyebrows $650 and the retouch is 5 weeks later $200 Plus
(depending on how much works needs to be done)

Lips: $700+

Permanent Eye Liner (upper only): $399
Permanent Eye Liner (lower only): $399

Permanent Upper & Lower liner (same day appt): $400

Corrective Color: $300+

Permanent Makeup Retouch Fee: 50% of initial application
(retouch is needed 5-6 weeks after 1st application for good results)