Makeup Lessons Naomi Martinez Studio
Bridal Makeup & Bridal Hair

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During your makeup session, you will have the chance to use, and if you wish, purchase professional makeup products.

Individual Makeup Lesson

$75 hourly rate (per person)
(1.5 hours minimum recommended)

I will review the following with you:

  • Skin care
  • How to choose and apply foundation
  • Concealing Techniques (dark circles, blemishes, etc...)
  • Eye shadow combinations and techniques
  • How to properly apply eyeliner in order to achieve different effects
  • Blush and contour techniques
  • Choosing the correct brushes and how to hold them properly
  • Overview of how to care for your make-up, and most importantly, how to keep your make-up and brushes sanitary for use.
Naomi Martinez will try to assess the look that the client is trying to achieve (day, evening or both) then cater the training session to that request.

Naomi is able to train both men and women on make-up techniques.