Airbrush Makeup

Naomi was one of the first makeup artist in CT to airbrush makeup. Her skills, 23 years of experience and special techniques have made her and her team one of the most sought-out makeup artists in CT and across the nation.

In January 2007, Naomi traveled to L.A. and Las Vegas where she expanded her training to include the latest "red carpet" techniques. In February 2011, Naomi traveled once again to L.A and took the latest courses on the newest "red carpet" techniques that look flawless in person and in photos! She firmly believes that not all airbrush makeup and techniques are the same; therefore, her goal is to always produce the most remarkable and naturally glamorous results on all skin types. Naomi and her team travel all over the world making women beautiful. Our most recent trip took us to Cancun for a destination wedding-where our airbrush makeup held up beautifully to the heat and humidity.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is the lightest makeup coverage available on the market today. It's a fine mist of a special liquid based foundation correctly, the results are truly spectacular and completely natural looking.

Is is the best choice for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Naomi's uses a special makeup that is hypoallergenic and non-comodegenic. Hundreds of clients have been pleased to see that their skin has not reacted negatively to the makeup applied.

Are you able to get a perfect match for my skin?

Absolutely, we can custom blend any color foundation to produce very natural color results.